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Truffler Sample – Example code and demo site

NOTE Since writing this post the company behind Truffler, 200OK, has been sold to EPiServer and the product Truffler has been renamed to EPiServer Find. Most of the content of this blog post is however applicable to EPiServer Find as well. For questions regarding Find, be sure to visit the forum on EPiServer World.

Truffler-Sample-start-pageI’m happy to announce Truffler Sample, a project that illustrates basic usage of Truffler and it’s .NET API. It’s both a site online at sample.truffler.net and an ASP.NET MVC project that you can download the source code for over at GitHub. The downloadable project is preconfigured with a read-only index URL, meaning that you can play with it without any configuration or hassle, just download and hit F5. You won’t however be able to index anything into the demo index.

The site currently demonstrates basic search functionality, how to do sorting, paging and highlighting along with filtering and facets. It also features a very simple example of how autocomplete functionality can be builtTruffler-Sample-facets using Truffler. In all of these cases we’ve tried to keep it fairly simple to illustrate the core concepts rather than show off how Truffler can handle very complex scenarios. We leave that up to you, and perhaps to some other future sample project. We do plan to extend the project with further examples, such as for geo search in the near future though.

The demo index currently holds information about 70 famous restaurants in different countries. The indexed data includes the restaurants names, addresses and locations, Guide Michelin ratings and the text from their Wikipedia pages. We would have liked to have used a larger volume of data, but trust me when I say that finding suitable data for showing everything from basic text search to filtering to geo search to facets was the hardest part of putting the project together :)

To get started either head over to the site and browse around and check out the source code using the link in the header of each example, or grab the source code from GitHub, open it in Visual Studio and hit F5.

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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