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The transformers crib

BE WARNED! While the crib worked as described in the marketing material we quickly found out that babies tend to prefer to sleep next to their parents. So, while the crib was cool it was also a total waste of a large sum of money.

Stokke Sleepi, a crib that seems cool from a geeky perspective.

I just put together the crib for our baby who is expected within the next few weeks. And yes, I mean our human baby, not my SSD hard drive even though some might have heard me call it my baby :)


The crib is a Stokke Sleepi and it’s actually kind of cool from a geeky perspective. It’s highly modular and constructed with attention to details.

sleepi2At first it’s a very compact little crib for small babies. Thanks to it’s wheels it’s also very easy to move.

When the baby grows a little older it’s easy (as long as daddy follows the instructions which it’s always easy) to turn it into a larger crib bed.

Even later, when the child has grown even more it’s possible to make the bed even larger, lower it and remove one of the sides. That way it can function as a bed for a child a few years old during the night and as kids sofa during the day.

As if that wasn’t enough it can also be turned into two chairs for kids.

Now where can I put the flat screen TV… 

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