Life July 13, 2011

The ever-present wisdom of Ayende

Stupid me is contemplating writing my own JSON parser. Ayende to the rescue.

This morning I was doing some reading up on blogs. While reading one of Ayende’s latest posts I happened to glance over the list of my latest bookmarks in Firefox where I saw something that I found kind of funny:


Looking at the three bookmarks above from right to left they are:

  1. The official JSON site with the JSON spec.
  2. How do I write my own parser? (for JSON)
  3. RavenDB: Let us write our own JSON Parser, NOT by Ayende

While I can’t recall exactly what I was doing at the time when I added these bookmarks it sure looks as if I was:

  1. Studying up on the finer details of the JSON spec
  2. Considering writing my own parser
  3. Set straight by one of Ayende’s many wise blog posts

If only I had a penny for every time something like that’s happened.

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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