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Taking the Blog to the Next Level with SiteSeeker

NOTE! This is an old post. These days I (of course) use EPiServer Find for the site's search functionality as well as listings and... well, pretty much everything you see here is powered by Find. Clearly the best search solution for EPiServer CMS ;-)

As the avid reader of this blog knows this site isn’t only my personal blog but also my sandbox for testing new things with EPiServer CMS, EPiServer Community, ASP.NET MVC and other great products. It is also an open source project as the source code is available for download and I do my best to make it possible to use it as a template.

Since releasing the current version of the site a few months ago I have been focusing on work, my family and writing blog posts and I have only made minor fixes to the site. Now however its time to take the next major step. Just like I did with EPiServer this summer I recently made a deal with Euroling, the company behind the great search engine SiteSeeker. They generously let me use a hosted version of SiteSeeker and in return I can hopefully provide some inspiration on how to use it to other developers as well as some code that can hopefully be used as a template.

So far I have three ideas about how to use the search engine:

  • Standard search functionality to allow visitors to search on the site
  • A related posts “widget”
  • Detect when a visitor comes from Google and suggest other posts that might also be of interest based on the search query

Any other ideas on how I can use SiteSeeker to make this site better would be much appreciated!

Many thanks to Euroling and also again to EPiServer. I think its really cool and un-bureaucratic that you occasionally allow your products to be used in this way to inspire the developer community (or at least me :-))!

PS. For updates about new posts, sites I find useful and the occasional rant you can follow me on Twitter. You are also most welcome to subscribe to the RSS-feed.

Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

I'm a passionate web developer and systems architect living in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as CTO for a large media site and enjoy developing with all technologies, especially .NET, Node.js, and ElasticSearch. Read more


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