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Slides from tonight's EPiServer meetup – An introduction to SOLID

Tonight I gave a presentation titled “How uncle Bob changed my life: An introduction to the SOLID principles” at the EPiServer developer meetup. You can find the slides below. They are in Swedish as the presentation was in Swedish. Also note that some of the slides require that you read the comments (my manuscript that I pretty much didn’t follow) in order for them to make sense.

If you attended the meetup I would really love to hear your feedback! What was good? What could be improved? What sucked?

I ended the presentation with giving a way a signed copy of the excellent book Clean Code which I got uncle Bob to sign at this years NDC (wow, what a great conference!). In order to find a winner I had constructed a simple console application that simulated a wheel of fortune. The code is just something I put together for this occasion an it’s definitely what you’d call a hack so don’t judge me by it, but you're still welcome to download it if you want to reuse (and improve!) it to hold your own little sweepstakes :)

Also, thanks to my prompters Marthin Freij and Stefan Forsberg!

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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