Life July 01, 2009

Page Type Builder picking up speed and NDC 2009 videos

Today I was talking to Erik Nordin at Ottoboni regarding Page Type Builder. Turns out they are using it in a real project! While we at Nansen have done so for a couple of weeks already it feels like a pretty big step that another EPiServer partner is using it. I have to admit it boosted my ego a bit ;)

That we are using it in two different projects has already been fruitful for the project as Erik found a couple of bugs that we hadn’t stumbled upon yet. Man do I wish I had built it using TDD from the get go! I’m fixing that now though. Anyhow, fixes for those bugs are released in version 0.7.2.

There was some other good news as well today as the videos from NDC 2009, which I attended with a couple of colleagues from Nansen, was released.

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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