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Page Type Builder 2.0 released

I’m happy to announce that Page Type Builder version 2.0 has finally been released. It can be downloaded here and soon from the EPiServer NuGet feed.

Compared to the last release candidate, version 1.9.3, this release contains a few minor changes such as:

  • Update to the latest version of Castle.Core.
  • The PageTypePropertyGroup.TypedPageData property has been made protected internal instead of public as having it public lead to problems with circular references in scenarios such as serialization.
  • Work-around for thread safety issue when synchronizing property settings.
  • Fix for global property settings being saved as new rows in the database on each startup even though they haven’t changed.
  • Support for synchronizing property settings on non-public properties.

Compared to the previous stable release (1.3 and 1.3.1) significant changes and additions include:

  • Property Groups – described here and here.
  • Support for property settings – described here.
  • Automatic updating of property types when the underlying data type is the same – described here.
  • Changes made in admin mode to page types and properties are only overwritten on startup if a value for them has been explicitly specified in code.
  • Migrations for page types – described here.
  • Dropped support for defining page types using interfaces, in favor of property groups.
  • Dropped support for specifying settings for the old XHTML editor. Motivation here.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed, especially to Lee Crowe for his significant contributions, while I’ve been hard at work with Truffler.

Merry Christmas!

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

I'm a passionate web developer and systems architect living in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as CTO for a large media site and enjoy developing with all technologies, especially .NET, Node.js, and ElasticSearch. Read more


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