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Page Type Builder 0.9 released

I just released version 0.9 of Page Type Builder. This version is also the release candidate for, or at least the beta version of, version 1.0 in the sense that I don’t foresee any new features in version 1.0, only bug fixes (if needed) and possibly some minor tweaks.

The focus for this version has been to improve the performance at startup, which has been seriously improved. I have also added more validation at startup and more informative error message.

The one new feature that has been added is two overloads of the GetPropertyValue method. These overloads accepts a boolean parameter named includeDynamicPropertyValue. Set it to true and the method will not just return values set explicitly for the page but will also check if there is a matching dynamic property value if no value is set for the property on the page.

Future features and releases

I made a decision that version 1.0 should only contain the core features needed for page type inheritance and strongly typed property access. I have quite a lot of ideas my self for other features that would be nice to have, and I have also gotten a lot of ideas from the community. These include an admin interface for performing updates to page types and properties that Page Type Builder doesn’t do, such as removing properties that are no longer declared in code. Other such features include adding strongly typed access to the built in properties in the base class for typed PageData objects and extension methods for DataFactory. Many of these things would be great to have but are not really at the core of what PTB should do so I leave them to a future “extensions library”.


As usual the release can be downloaded from the projects site at CodePlex.


As always I greatly appreciate any and all feedback. As this release can be considered a release candidate for version 1.0 I’m especially interested in bug reports and reports of features that doesn’t seem to be working as they should. Currently the only thing I know should be done is reviewing the projects interface, that is what methods are named and which ones are public or internal.

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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