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Meet Truffler – Upcoming Presentations

I’m scheduled to speak about Truffler, our awesome new search solution, in a number of places over the next couple of months. So if you haven’t had time to check it out yet, or want to grill me with questions and/or have a beer the time is soon.

I’ll be speaking at the following EPiServer meetups:

Note that while these meetups are EPiServer oriented my presentations will probably focus on our general .NET API so even if you don’t work with EPiServer products this is a great opportunity to get to know Truffler.

I’ll also give a presentation about ElasticSearch, the fantastic search engine that Truffler is built upon, at Best of DevSum in Gothenburg on November 14th and in Stockholm November 22nd.

I truly believe Truffler along with it’s client API can both make building great search a lot easier (and fun) as well as solve a bunch of other problems that we often run into when building websites with ASP.NET so I really enjoy demoing it. Hopefully you’ll come and check it out? :)

Can’t make it?

We’re always happy to speak about and demo Truffler to anyone that wants to listen. So if you can’t make it to any of the events listed above send us an e-mail and we’ll work something out!

PS. For updates about new posts, sites I find useful and the occasional rant you can follow me on Twitter. You are also most welcome to subscribe to the RSS-feed.

Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

I'm a passionate web developer and systems architect living in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as CTO for a large media site and enjoy developing with all technologies, especially .NET, Node.js, and ElasticSearch. Read more


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