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I’m off to Øredev

Today me and Emil Cardell are flying to Copenhagen to meet our Danish colleagues at Valtech Denmark. After a day of discussions and getting to know each other we’re heading over Öresund to Malmö where we’re going to attend Øredev for three days.


The second day of Øredev, the Tuesday, which will be our first day features half-day long tutorials. I’ll be attending Cory Foy’s “Koans and Katas Oh My!” in the morning and Ted Neward’s “Busy Java Developer’s Guide to Scala: Thinking Scala” in the afternoon. I’m especially looking forward to the Scala tutorial as it’s supposed “to bring everybody into a different mindset” and encourage the attendants to “think functionally”, exactly what I was looking for when I started learning Scala this summer.


Come Wednesday I plan to focus quite a lot on client side web development as I’ll probably attend Giorgio Sardo’s “Deep Dive into HTML 5”, fellow Valtech developer Robert Nynam’s “HTML 5 API’s – The new frontier” and Jonathan Snook’s “CSS3”. Admittedly this isn’t an area of development that get’s me very excited but I thought it might be a good opportunity to keep up.

The gem for me on the Wednesday however comes after lunch when I’ll attend Jeremy Miller’s “Patterns for building internal DSL’s in C# 3.0” which is a topic that I find very interesting. I’ve had some minor experiences with it myself in the latest versions of EPiAbstractions and I hope hearing about Jeremy Miller’s experiences will inspire me going forward both with EPiAbstractions, with a new version of Page Type Builder and creating internal DSL’s in general.

During the Wednesday I’m also looking forward to hearing Jeremy Miller speak about “Automated Testing of Web Applications”.


After a pretty intense Wednesday Øredev’s schedule for the Thursday looks far less interesting. In the conference’s defense, that’s partly because I have already heard Hadi Hariri speak about “Couch DB for .NET developers” and Roy Osherove about “How to do test reviews” at NDC 2010. I guess that’s the curse of being able to go to both Øredev and NDC the same year. Something that I otherwise feel truly blessed by being able to do.

Anyhow, the Thursday still features a couple of sessions that I think I’ll find interesting. I’m especially looking forward to attending Jeremy Miller’s (yes, him again) session “Compositional Design with Responsibility Driven Design” but Jon Skeet’s “Abusing C#” could also prove interesting.


This will the third large developer’s conference that I attend in two years. Before both NDC 2009 and NDC 2010 I had plans to write a fair number of blog posts during the conference. Especially in the form of summaries of sessions that I attended. That never happened though. Partly because I immediately rushed off to the next session after having attended an interesting session and partly because I met so many interesting people that there simply was no time.

I did write a couple of posts after the conferences though, but they we’re mainly about the conferences themselves and not about specific sessions. This year I plan to skip a session or two after particularly interesting sessions to be able to sit down and immediately do a write-up. We’ll see how it goes :)

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