Life June 28, 2009

Hectic times

Last week me, Kalle Hoppe and Emil Cardell traveled to Norway to attend NDC 2009 and saw a total of 19 speeches by Robert C. Martin, Scott Hanselman, Ayende Rahien and many more. Then this week the initial planning phase of the Coop project (building a new version of was over and we really started to get our hands dirty with coding in Sundbyberg. Meanwhile I spent my nights developing the new version of Page Type Builder which I released today.

Then came Friday and I got a call from Mats Hellström at EPiServer who manages their EMVP (EPiServer Most Valued Professional) program. Mats asked me if I wanted to become an EMVP, to which I replied “Det kan du hoppa upp och sätta dig på” (sort of translates to: you bet your ass I want to). The official announcement from EPiServer can be found here. To celebrate me and Marie went out to dinner at Haga Forum yesterday, which was really great.

Last but not least, today I released this site and added permanent redirects from most of my entries at my old blog at

Oh, and next week we’re getting married.

Hectic times indeed. Perhaps I should buy my self a new computer...

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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