EPiServer Find

EPiServer Find is a product for free text search as well as content retrieval. It offers an intuitive API for indexing and querying objects which can be used from just about any .NET application.

EPiServer Find logotype

While easily integrated into any .NET application it's especially designed to solve common problems when developing EPiServer sites. Both related to free text search and for filtering and finding contents.

As it's designed and developed by developers such as myself who has worked on numerous EPiServer projects it's the perfect compliment to EPiServer products - leading to both better functionality for end users, lower development costs. And happy developers.

As one of the co-founders of 200OK, the company that initially developed the product now known as EPiServer Find, I feel passionately for the product. As such I write as much as I can about the product and also offer training for it through EPiServer.

For an introduction to how Find differs from old school search products read Find greatness with EPiServer Find. Also make sure to check out my project PowerSlice for an example how Find can be used to enhance the user experience in EPiServer CMS.

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