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EPiAbstractions 1.2 Released – Facades for EPiServer CMS 6

EPiAbstractions has (finally) been updated for EPiServer CMS 6. Version 1.2 also features two new interfaces and corresponding implementations, IPageReferenceFacade, so you can isolate your code from PageReference.StartPage, and IFilterForVisitorFacade so you can easily write code that both checks access rights and is testable.

While previous releases had facades for both EPiServer CMS, EPiServer.Common and EPiServer Community this release only features facades for classes in EPiServer CMS. Hopefully the release of EPiServer Community version 4 will make the facades for Common and Community redundant. Otherwise I’ll probably create a separate project for Common and Community in the future.

There still is a problem with some of the concrete implementations, like DataFactoryFacade, in that it has a static constructor that adds listeners to events in DataFactory, making it hard to use DataFactoryFacade in unit tests. The simple solution is of course to use IDataFactoryFacade using dependency injection (you can read more about DI in my introduction to Inversion of Control) in your code. However, I do know some people have requested that this be fixed and it definitely is on my todo list.

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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