Life February 21, 2012

Dear telephone sales woman

I've found a new way to make money. By charging sales people who call me.

If you were the one calling my house at 8 PM this evening and recognize this phone call:

You: Hi my name is YourName, I’m calling from SomeCapital Company AB.

Me: Hi! Where did you say you were calling from again?

You: SomeCapital Company AB.

Me: Aha, right. And what’s your postal address?

You: Ehmn, it’s Kungsgatan XYZ.

Me: Right. And what’s your organization number?

You: Ehmn, I don’t know that.

Me: OK. Then I suggest you call me back when you do so I know where to send the invoice.

You: OK.

Me: Great. Bye! (click)

… five minutes later…

Me: Joel!

You: Hi, this is YourName again from SomeCapital Company AB.

Me: Uhmn, hi.

You: It’s 556677-8899 (I’m just making that up, I did write it down somewhere. I take you very seriously.)

Me: Great! And who should I send the bill to?

You: Uhmn, wait.

… a few seconds later …

You: Alexander Somedude.

Me: I usually practice 30 days as terms of payment. Is that OK?

You: Yeah.

Me: Great. I’ll send the invoice them.

You: OK, do that.

Me: Great. Bye bye!

You: Bye!

If you recognize this, and it was you on the phone, please call back! I totally forgot to ask what you were selling!


To the rest of you: yes, she actually called back with her employers billing information. This new source of revenue of mine is just great!

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Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson

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